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Nostalgic Hong Kong milk tea - 1L
  • Nostalgic Hong Kong milk tea - 1L


    Less plastic, less packaging, more of your favourite CHA DONG milk tea.


    Recreating the flavour of ‘old Hong Kong’. A traditional Hong Kong style milk tea, hand brewed using our Nostalgic tea blend.


    Best enjoyed hot. Simply pour into your favourite mug, microwave for 1 minute and enjoy. For those who like it chilled, enjoy straight out of the fridge.


    Tea profile: complex and full bodied, gently balanced with a touch of sugar.


    • All of our teas are freshly made to order and free from preservatives. Once received, if the tea is not consumed immediately please ensure that this is refrigerated.


      The teas will typically have a shelf life of three weeks. Please refer to the use by date at the bottom of the bottle. 

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