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Tropical Leaves


Sustainability forms a big part of who we are and we recognise that this is equally important to our customers. We are constantly finding ways to ensure that we keep our carbon footprint low and operate in an eco-friendly manner. From the bottles we use, our suppliers to how we conduct business, we know that every little bit counts. 

Sustainable bottles

Our flask bottles are made from PET 1 plastic and 100% recyclable and produced in the UK in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We are currently working with our supplier for bottles which are better for the environment. 

Sustainable packaging

All our packaging is 100% recyclable, this includes our cardboard insulation to keep your tea chilled and all of the internal packaging, including the paper hive wrap which is also compostable & biodegradable. 

Reducing waste

All of our teas are made to order, which means that every single product that we make goes directly to our customers or stockists and no surplus stock goes to landfill.


We use every single part of our raw ingredients are used in the production of our tea. The only thing that's remaining after tea production are our tea leaves, which gets turned into compost alongside other food waste from producers at the New Covent Garden Market.

Emission free delivery

Being located in central London (zone 1) means that we are closely located to most of our stockists and our delivery partners will deliver by bikes or vans powered by renewable electricity. 

Green initiatives 

We have a 100% UK based distribution chain and continuously work with our suppliers to identify ways of optimising our supply chain so that it is sustainable and eco-friendly. 


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